Gregpol Building

smart house extensions

If the square footage is not currently working for you in your home, don't put it up for sale on the market and but a new one. Discover how Gregpol can provide you with smart extensions and conversions that allow you to make sure of the home you have and increase the space with additional builds.

It can make the difference between a home and a dream home – and we have the expertise to make it happen, whether you want to add to the first level, create a second level, or convert other space that is currently not being used.

space utilisation in practice

At Gregpol, we have years of experience utilising space in the best possible way. Whether it is for your home or business, we can show you how to make more sense of the space you have – and add extensions where necessary.

You may be searching for another bedroom for your growing family, more storage for your business inventory, or you want a storefront in front of your warehouse. Whatever it may be, confidently rely on our expertise to show you what can be done.

We pride ourselves on customisable solutions that are built in the highest quality with sustainable materials. You may be surprised by what can be done with the existing space – and we are excited to show you in person!